Our Mission


Our connection to the world around us is incredibly powerful when coming from a place of love. In order to best do our part, we aim to use only sustainable materials such as hemp, bamboo, RPET (recycled water bottles), and organic cotton for our products and support manufacturing processes that are best for the environment. We believe in creating products that are more in tune with nature and promote a healthier planet for all of us.

Who We Are

We are the traveller, the everyday adventurer, the meditator, the modern day yogi. We have let ourselves wander through the world on intuition and guidance and it brought us to the creation of YogiMotion.

We are here for those who have decided to take the journey. The one where you left no stone un-turned, no thought pushed away, no idea too large. For those who instead of looking away, jump into the void with a feeling of trust because you know. You know that you write the book, that you are the author and not the main character.

We are here to support your cosmic journey as a human BEING, and we can’t wait to see what sort of adventure you will find.

We will see you out there.

Our Promise

Here at YogiMotion, we promise to offer products that serve your highest good. Our yogi gear will always be sourced ethically, sustainably, and mindfully every step of the way.


The YogiMotion bag will be produced soon. We'll let you know when you can pre-order!

The YogiMotion Tribe

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Sustaining Life’s Adventure